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About Us

The Apollo Immunisation Research Company (AIR) conducts studies of new and improved vaccines for children and adults and is based on industry leading technology and research.

AIR was founded in 2014 by Professor David Jones. The multidisciplinary group, led by Professor Jones since 2011, includes consultants in vaccinology, a Director of Clinical Trials, a Senior Clinical Trials Manager, adult and paediatric clinical research fellows, adult and paediatric research nurses, project managers, statisticians, QA managers, Clinical Trials IT and Development Lead, and an administration team. Our team also includes post doctoral scientists, research assistants and DPhil students and we work together with professionals from a range of specialities such as immunologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists, health communicators, and a sociologist, a community paediatrician, the local Health Protection team and a bioethicist.

Most recently AIR assisted with COVID 19 variant research and expansive immunisation technologies.

Our Leadership

David Jones, CEO
Edward Teach, CFO

Henry Jones, Chief Marketing Officer

Holly Grail, VP Operations

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